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The Leonard P. Zakim Bunker Hill Memorial Bridge, part of The Big Dig Project in Boston, is
one of the widest cable-stayed bridges in the world. The Bridge serves as the northern entrance to and exit from Boston. The Bridge is named after civil rights activist Lenny Zakim and the American colonists who fought the British in the Battle of Bunker Hill.

"The Commonwealth of Massachusetts is setting a wonderful precedent in naming this bridge after Lenny Zakim and the citizens who fought at the Battle of Bunker Hill, I am proud that we are celebrating the ideals of patriotism, freedom and diversity by dedicating this bridge in their honor. May this remind us all of the difference that one person's decision to stand up to injustice and fight for freedom, respect and diversity can make in the lives of others and in the history of our nation."
Governor Jane Swift at 2002 Bridge dedication.

"The dedication of the Leonard P. Zakim Bunker Hill Bridge will showcase the diversity and the unity of race, religion and personal background that exists in Boston today because of the work of community leaders like Lenny Zakim and because patriots fought long ago in Charlestown to make our country independent."
Mayor Tom Menino at 2002  Bridge dedication.

"Lenny lived by the belief that each of us has a moral responsibility to make the world a better, more inclusive and respectful place for all people. He worked tirelessly to build personal bridges between our city's diverse people and neighborhoods. He would be so proud to know that this magnificent structure will stand as a symbol of unity, hope and respect for all Bostonians,"
Joyce Zakim, wife of activist Lenny Zakim at 2002 Bridge dedication.


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